About Dana

The people who knew me as a child will tell you that I was a tomboy.

I used to climb trees and run around in the creek barefooted. This was really fun until I discovered boys. But even though I had eight brothers, the boys my age seemed a different species. Unfortunately I was too shy to interact with them and so I spent most of my youth dreaming about love, and listening to sappy love songs.

A friend introduced me to contemporary romances when I was in high school, but I found myself drawn to historical romances. I became immersed in the worlds that writers like Johanna Lindsay, Judith McNaught and Julie Garwood created. The beautiful historical backdrop, coupled with the great characters that populated their books always left me in a state of euphoria and awe.

I tried reading a slew of other genres but none of those genres felt as magical.

It never occurred to me to write historical romance novels until a couple of years ago. Exhausted from taking care of my young kids, I wanted to escape from my reality. I happened to pick up one of Johanna Lindsay’s older novels and was once again hooked.

Not long afterward, I got the idea of writing my own stories.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Some fun facts about me:

  • I didn't carry a purse until I was in my twenties and even then I kept misplacing it.
  • I once owned two bunnies named Scratchy and Blackie (original, I know). They were so unhappy with the cage we built for them that one day they chewed through the chicken wire and made a run for it, never to be seen again.
  • I've eaten Poke and Laulau in Hawaii, mouthwatering gumbo and jambalaya in New Orleans, succulent seafood in British Columbia… Not quite there yet but one of my greatest dreams is to eat around the world.
  • I write sweet, feel-good Contemporary Romances as Kiana Lee.

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